If I order padding, will it cover the safety rail windows?

You have a choice. When padding is ordered, it is factory installed to cover all four sides of the interior, including the safety rails with the windows. You can choose to have the padding installed over or around the safety rail windows.

Important! If you order a  bed with padding, we do not recommend using the bed if any of the pads have been removed. Removing the pads will leave a gap between the mattress and the bed side.

Please note that we manufacture two different sized foundations for a bed with padding and a bed without padding.

The first size is for a bed with padding installed. It allows just enough space for the padding to be installed and extend below the mattress surface.

The second size is for a bed without padding installed. It will be sized a bit wider so that it makes full contact with all four sides of the interior of the bed.

In either case, we are making sure the mattress fits tightly within the foundation to address the risk of entrapment or burrowing.

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