Is there a fully enclosed SleepSafe® bed available (a.k.a. canopy bed)?


SleepSafer® Bed Extension Offers an Enclosed Top for Additional Safety.

SleepSafe® Beds now offers a top that securely fastens to the SleepSafer® Extension.  For more information, please call us toll-free at 866-852-2337.

The SleepSafer® Extension Kit  maximizes the safety height an additional 16 ¾″ when fitted on top of a SleepSafer® Bed. This latest development allows a maximum of 53″ between the top of the safety rail to the top of mattress using a bunkie board as a fixed foundation.

The SleepSafer® Bed Extension Kit may be ordered initially with a SleepSafer® Bed or ordered separately as a retrofit into an existing SleepSafer® Bed.

• Available for only SleepSafer® Bed models including all foundations.
• The Extension had 6 windows, 3 on each side length, covered by see-through tear resistant mesh fabric to increase ventilation.

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