SleepSafe Bed’s New Videos Now Available on YouTube!

By Rebecca Mayer Knutsen


Are your nights stressful and sleepless because of the needs of a family member with physical and cognitive disabilities? The SleepSafe Bed system is specifically designed to keep individuals safe by preventing falls and entrapment. The custom safety beds—offered in a variety of sizes, rail heights and finishes to suit individual needs and preferences—are built to help caregivers take better care of their loved ones. The company’s innovative safety beds exceed the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are continually improved upon to meet consumer and market demands.


SleepSafe Beds’ video titled “Choose Your Bed” introduces and demonstrates the various features of each of the three safety bed models offered. The safety rail and transfer heights vary between the models to suit the requirements of a variety of diagnoses and user needs. The video addresses how the various options are suited to meet specific needs, such as why a person in a wheelchair may require a specific transfer height or how an active user will benefit from a high safety rail and interior padding. The four main choices when selecting one of the three models of SleepSafe beds are model, foundation, finish and accessories. The beds are constructed with high quality materials, designed to fit easily into your home décor and last a lifetime. The representatives of SleepSafe Beds recognize that selecting a bed is a big decision and are available to help you choose the model that fits your needs.


You will inevitably have questions about how to order a SleepSafe Bed and what to expect in the process. These questions and more are addressed in the company’s video, “Getting Your Bed.” Once you have selected the best bed to suit the needs of your loved one, you will need to contact and partner with a durable medical equipment (DME) provider. You will be required to have a doctor prescription specifying the exact bed model and features needed by your loved one as well as a Letter of Medical Necessity. Your DME will assist you every step of the way as the application process, insurance coverage and individual circumstances can all vary from case to case. Representatives of SleepSafe Beds are available for additional support and guidance.


While the history of SleepSafe Beds, LLC, is relatively short at nearly 15 years in business, the roots of the company’s employees run deep. Many are veterans of the furniture, textile and carpentry industries, lending a wealth of experience and knowledge that serves to strengthen the production of custom safety beds.

Owner and Founder Gregg Weinschreider drew on his background in cabinetry, carpentry and home renovations when the company began developing the SleepSafe® Bed system in September 2000 at the request of the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. The organization required a bed that would prevent falls and entrapment for people in its group homes. Weinschreider  and his team designed a concept focused on function and safety without sacrificing style. SleepSafe beds are known for their attractive, nonindustrial designs that are easily incorporated into one’s home décor.

The employees enjoy working in the company’s laidback, creative work atmosphere. The most rewarding aspect, the employees agree, is being able to improve the comfort and safety of individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities and their families. For a peek inside the facilities in Bassett, Virginia, and a personal glimpse of the employees, make sure to watch the “Meet the Company” video.

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