LMN Builder

LMN Builder and SleepSafe® Beds are proud to announce that a specialty “Rule Out” tool for justifying adapted beds is available on www.lmnbuilder.com.

Adapted beds sometimes are difficult to get funded because knowing what information is needed can be confusing. To help clinicians know exactly what information a medical reviewer will need to know in order to make a determination, the LMN Builder tool requests specific information about the client and their current sleeping situation from the clinician. The tool makes it simple to provide the information needed in the medical review process.

What is LMN Builder?

LMNBuilder.com is a free tool that helps clinicians write great Letters of Medical Necessity for wheelchairs, standing frames and other complex rehab technology.

The LMN Builder Tool does not write the letter for the bed rather it asks for the relevant information in an easy to understand workflow:

• Current Sleeping Situation
• Risk factors for Entrapment / Injuries
• Alternatives that were Considered but ruled out and how these alternative bed solutions would not address the risk factors for entrapment/injury
• How the recommended product addresses the stated risks
• Additional regimens recommended
• General Narrative about the client’s overall condition

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