Sleep Safe Beds, LLC BBB Business Review

We began the development of the SleepSafe® Bed, a durable medical equipment product (DME) for pediatric use, in September of 2000 at the request of the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), formally the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD).  They required a bed that would prevent falls and entrapment for special needs individuals in their group homes, particularly pediatric patients with physical and cognitive disabilities.

With a fresh sheet of paper, we approached the project without a perceived notion. Our background in producing custom furniture allowed us to look at the challenge with a different perspective. Why not make a safety bed that is totally functional and more beneficial to the user?

At the time, we were one of five companies that submitted a prototype for review, and the only company willing to resubmit their design with the modifications the OPWDD requested after the review process. Since then, SleepSafe® Beds, has been approved by the OPWDD for use in their facilities and has been placed on state contract for purchase by the OPWDD. The SleepSafe® Bed represents a standard to which the agency’s bed safety guidelines have been written. In addition, all of our beds address the 7 zones of entrapment research conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup in 2001.

In April 2001, a newly formed SleepSafe Beds, LLC, filed for a patent on the SleepSafe® Bed system which was approved on July 15, 2002. In response to input from health care professionals as well as individuals. SleepSafe Beds® has added additional durable medical equipment (DME) beds to their product line. We now offer the SleepSafer® – Tall Bed and SleepSafe® II – Medium Bed models. The SleepSafer® has two full length safety rails on one side for more active individuals. The SleepSafe® II offers safety rail height between the SleepSafe® and SleepSafer®.

Every SleepSafe® Bed includes a foundation that supports the mattress. Customers can choose from fixed, articulated or hi-lo frames. An array of finishes and specialized options are also available.

The SleepSafe® Beds are not only visually appealing, they also address safety issues in ways no other more traditional institutional equipment can match:

• The clear 3/16″ windows incorporated in the safety rails provide visibility and affords the opportunity to observe the environment in situations where the need to see and be seen are important.

• Entrapment issues are addressed with the patented SleepSafe® Bed design. The space between the side rails, head and foot boards and the mattress is nearly nonexistent – even with mattress compression.

• In addition to addressing the problem of entrapment found in traditional pediatric hospital equipment, our beds’ aesthetics and durable construction promote an inviting atmosphere for the benefit of not only the resident, where self-esteem may be an issue, but also for family members and caregivers who appreciate a more normalized setting.

SleepSafe Beds® looks forward to providing safe, functional products for our customer’s use. With input from caregivers and health care professionals, we will continue to develop new products designed to make life easier and safer for individuals with special needs as well as those who care for them.