SleepSafe® Bed – Our Custom Memory Foam Mattress with Gel Technology

SleepSafe® Bed mattresses are specifically designed and manufactured to fit into our beds. The mattress provides optimized pressure redistribution, rapid heat dissipation, and increases in breathability compared to standard foam. We do not recommend substitute mattresses.

Memory foam infused with gel polymers is designed for patient comfort as well as clinical superiority. Benefits include:

• Reduced incidence of pressure ulcers by channeling heat away from the body significantly faster than standard foam, virtually eliminating perspiration moisture.
• Superior pressure redistribution achieved by providing more support and less cradling at higher levels of compression, distributing pressure over a much larger surface area and eliminating static fatigue.

How Does It Work?

The technology works by allowing air to pass through open cells, channeling it away from the body instead of trapping it within the closed cells of traditional memory foam. The infusion of gel polymers throughout the foam contributes both cooling properties and the virtual elimination of static fatigue. As a result of the marriage between open cell foam and gel infusion, the mattress holds its shape better, redistributes pressure over a larger surface area, and successfully wicks heat away from the body, leaving patients cool, dry, and comfortable.

Certified flexible polyurethane foams meet CertiPUR-US® program standards for content, emissions and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. CertiPUR-US® foam products, used in the production of SleepSafe® Bed mattresses, are certified to meet the following criteria:

• Made without ozone depleters
• Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
• Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
• Made without formaldehyde
• Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
• Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
• No chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
• Performance-tested
• Durability-tested
• Emissions-tested
• Content-tested
• Environmentally Innovative
• Analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories
• Meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions and durability

How do I clean a SleepSafe® Bed mattress?

We recommend cleaning a SleepSafe® Bed mattress with a mild detergent and water using a soft cloth. An example would be using Dawn® Liquid Dish Detergent and water with a terry cloth. Please avoid any abrasives and solvents.

Is the mattress used on a SleepSafe® Bed waterproof?

No, our mattresses are not waterproof, they are water resistant. Please keep in mind, as with any nylon based material, it is not designed to withstand repeated, long standing fluid. Over time, if fluid is allowed to pool up on the surface it will eventually soak through.

If the mattress surface is subject to excessive fluid, it is highly recommended that you use an additional type of waterproof or water-resistant protective cover over or around the mattress.

SleepSafe® Beds provides retrofit for DREAMA™ Positioning System by Jenx

Dreama by Jenx is available for SleepSafe BedsThe Dreama™ by Jenx is a support system for effective 24-hour postural management, suitable for children and adults. Ask your DME or visit their website for more information. We can also help. Call us at 866-852-2337.

IMPORTANT: When ordering the Dreama™ System with a new bed or installing it into a SleepSafe® Bed that is in use, a RETROFIT kit must be ordered. This kit modifies the Dreama® system at the factory to fit correctly within the SleepSafe® Bed. This kit is an additional charge and needs to be considered when applying for insurance coverage.

• Dreama™ Systems are shipped directly to the factory and are modified to correctly fit SleepSafe® Beds.
• Allows for good ventilation and airflow
• Easy to keep clean and hygienic
• Can be used to position the user in an abducted lying position to aid hip development
• Infinitely adjustable positions thanks to the uniquely designed glide lock system

Dreama™ Brochure / Help with LMN / Case Study  / Order Form / Retrofit Instructions

SleepSafe® Beds can now fit Alternating Pressure Mattress with Low Air Loss

Blue Chip Medical Supreme Mattress Model 9600The Supreme Air™ Alternating Pressure Mattress with Low Air Loss – Model 9600 by Blue Chip Medical Products, Inc. combines the most advanced technology and clinically effective features in a portable system. A SleepSafe® Bed must have a Tubing Channel Cut-Out located in the center of the footboard to accommodate this mattress. IMPORTANT: Contact Customer Support at 866.852.2337 for more information. Orders need to be placed independently to Blue Chip Medical Products at 800-795-6115.
• SleepSafe® LOW and MEDIUM Beds only.
• Padding option available
• Removable zippered cover
• Twin size only

Blue Chip Medical Brochure / General Information  / DME Ordering Information