SleepSafe Bed®  – Our Memory Foam Mattress with Gel Technology

SleepSafe® Bed mattress support surfaces provides optimized pressure redistribution, rapid heat dissipation, and increases in breathability compared to standard foam.

Memory foam infused with gel polymers is designed for patient comfort as well as clinical superiority. Benefits include:

• Reduced incidence of pressure ulcers by channeling heat away from the body significantly faster than standard foam, virtually eliminating perspiration moisture.
• Superior pressure redistribution achieved by providing more support and less cradling at higher levels of compression, distributing pressure over a much larger surface area and eliminating static fatigue.

How Does It Work?

The technology works by allowing air to pass through open cells, channeling it away from the body instead of trapping it within the closed cells of traditional memory foam. The infusion of gel polymers throughout the foam contributes both cooling properties and the virtual elimination of static fatigue. As a result of the marriage between open cell foam and gel infusion, the mattress holds its shape better, redistributes pressure over a larger surface area, and successfully wicks heat away from the body, leaving patients cool, dry, and comfortable.

Foam products that are certified meet the following criteria:

• Low Emissions (VOC’s)
• BPA Phthalate – Free
• Made without Ozone Depleters
• Mercury, Lead and Heavy Metal Free
• Made without Formaldehyde
• CFC – Free
• BHT – Free
• Methylene Chloride – Free
• PBDE – Free
• Emissions – Tested
• Content – Tested
• Performance – Tested
• Environmentally Innovative

Other notes about the foam used in SleepSafe Bed mattresses:

• Foam products use a blend of natural oil-based and conventional polyols, reducing our country’s dependence on foreign oil.
• Benefits farmers looking for a new market for the crops they grow.
• Polyol is made partially from plant-based renewable oils such as soy bean and castor beans.

Cleaning a SleepSafe® Bed mattress.

We recommend cleaning a SleepSafe® Bed mattress with a mild detergent and water using a soft cloth. An example would be using Dawn® Liquid Dish Detergent and water with a terry cloth. Please avoid any abrasives and solvents.