Do all SleepSafe® Beds include windows in the safety rails?

Yes. All beds include 2 safety rails with 3 windows (or mesh screens) in each. On the SleepSafe® — Low Bed and SleepSafe® II — Medium beds, the two safety rails are divided. One safety rail is installed on each side, allowing access to the mattress surface from each side.

In order to maximize safety rail protection with the SleepSafer® — Tall bed, the two safety rails are tiered, one on top of the other. Bed access is allowed from only one side. The back is constructed of a solid wood panel. Most SleepSafer® installations are against a wall and access from both sides is not needed.

When a SleepSafer® — Tall bed is needed and access from both sides is important, a Dual View option is available. The bed will be manufactured with 4 safety rails, two tiered on each side.

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