How do the SleepSafe® Bed’s safety rails work? Can they be removed?

On the SleepSafe® – Low Bed and SleepSafe® II – Medium bed, the safety rails really never actually have to be removed. When they are lowered and hanging in place, they most likely won’t be in the way. Only the SleepSafer® bed – Tall Bed will need the top rail removed when full access to the mattress is needed.

When full access is needed in the SleepSafer® – Tall Bed, lower the bottom safety rail first and leave it hanging in place. Then lower the top rail, and while it is hanging in its lowered position, remove it by lifting its hardware and simply set aside.

If the SleepSafer® Bed has an extension, the top rail will raise and lock into a fastener located on the side of the extension, so the top bed rail does not need to be removed.

Note: When replacing the rail for the SleepSafer® – Tall Bed, be sure to put it back the same way you took it off. Set it back in place in its lowered position first and then flip it up to lock in place.

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