My child has outgrown the height of the safety rails. Can I convert my SleepSafe Bed to a model offering more safety rail height?

Yes. Most SleepSafe® – Low Beds or SleepSafe® II – Medium Beds can be converted to a higher bed. A SleepSafer® Bed – Tall Bed can be retrofitted with a SleepSafer® Extension Kit to offer an additional 16¾ inches of safety height protection. Conversion depends on the year your bed was manufactured. Beds manufactured prior to 2009 may not be converted. If you have any questions, give a call toll-free at 866-852-2337.

To convert any bed to a higher model, while keeping the same foundation you will need to purchase a Conversion Kit from SleepSafe® Beds. This kit will include a new headboard, foot board and side panels. You will use your existing mattress, foundation, casters and safety rails.

Insurance may or may not cover the additional cost of the conversion kit. It may be necessary to submit another letter of medical necessity justifying the change. You will need to make the purchase through your local DME provider of SleepSafe® Beds.

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