My insurance claim for a SleepSafe® Bed has been denied, what do I do now?

Being denied for an insurance claim initially is relatively common. You can find out more information by visiting the insurance section of our website. We have found that perseverance helps. Below are some additional notes you may find helpful.

  1. Exercise your right to the appeals process. Be sure to document everything in detail. Stay within the published timeline for submission dates, deadlines, etc.
  2. Inquire about your eligibility for Medicaid or a Medicaid Waiver Program. If your child is still a minor, you may want to inquire with Medicaid about the Early & Periodic Screening & Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT) which may cover the cost of a bed when straight Medicaid will not.
  3. Look to additional funding sources in your community such as non-profit organizations.
  4. Enter for a chance to win a free SleepSafe® Bed on our website where we give one bed away every calendar quarter.

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