Can I buy a bed directly from SleepSafe® Beds?

We typically do not sell our beds directly to customers. Most SleepSafe® Beds are sold through a network of more than 3000 Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers nationwide. These courteous, knowledgeable and trusted providers are set up to assist you with submitting an insurance claim, will make your bed purchase, accept delivery and deliver and install your bed at your home. They are an integral part of the process in acquiring a SleepSafe® Bed. We as the manufacturer are not set up to assist with insurance claims, nor can we bill on your behalf.

If we were able to sell a bed to an individual, we would require payment in full, in advance, before a bed shipped. You would incur an additional $275.00 for drop shipping a bed to a residence. The individual would have to accept responsibility for accepting delivery and installation. And most importantly, there would be no local representation for after sale service if needed. We strongly recommend, even someone who wants to pay cash, to go through a local DME provider.

If you need assistance finding a DME to help you through the process of purchasing a SleepSafe® Bed, please contact us at 866-852-2337.

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