Are SleepSafe Beds approved by the FDA?

SleepSafe® Beds, LLC is registered as a manufacturer, and its products, classified as medical devices, are listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA does not provide “approval” for this type of medical device as it is exempt under FDA’s Title 21, Chapter I, Subchapter H, Part 880, Subpart F, Section 880.5100 (b).

According the the FDA, “Registration of a device establishment, assignment of a registration number, or listing of a medical device does not in any way denote approval of the establishment or its products by FDA.”

For questions regarding FDA regulations, please contact Bob Baldacci, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at SleepSafe® Beds.

Other manufacturers of safety beds may claim approval, but they have misinterpreted the statute.

Is there a way to cover the Channel Cut-Out?

SleepSafe Bed - Cut-Out Insert in the HeadboardYes. We make an optional Cut-Out Cover that can be inserted into the Channel Cut-Out. The cover is fastened from the outside of the bed. For further information, call Customer Support at 866-852-2337.


Is there a way to enhance safeguard against unwanted opening the bed’s safety rail?

Yes. We are occasionally asked if there is a way to prevent the safety rail from being opened by either the bed’s user, or someone outside of the bed, such as a sibling. It is best to call our Customer Service department toll-free at 866-852-2337 to discuss a solution.

How many degrees do the SleepSafe® Beds head and knee sections move when articulating?

All articulating SleepSafe Bed models, both manual and electric, are designed for the head section and the knee section to smoothly move up and down. The angle of each section can be set at a preferred angle. The HEAD section moves from the flat position (zero) to 70 degrees. The KNEE section moves from a flat position (zero) to 40 degrees. For further information, contact our offices toll-free at 866.852.2337.

How long does it take to ship my SleepSafe® Bed after it has been ordered?

Once ordered from your DME provider, it may take up to 4 weeks to ship a SleepSafe® Bed. Production and shipping times vary throughout the year. Expedited shipment is available. After the bed has been ordered by your DME provider, you are welcome to call us at 866-852-2337 from 9 to 5 EST to check the delivery status of your bed.

How do I reset my SleepSafe Bed’s Control Box?

For SleepSafe® Bed models using electric for articulation and Hi-Lo operation after January 2015, go to “Resources” under the “Contact” tab. You will find a downloadable instructional sheet for resetting your bed with your remote. These beds use T-Motion components to operate your bed.

SleepSafe® Beds manufactured prior to January 2015 used a different component system called Linak. For those instructions, please contact our Customer Service department at 866.852.2337.

What is the difference between a SleepSafe®, SleepSafe® II and SleepSafer® Bed models?

The main difference is the height of the safety rail protection above the mattress. Each of the SleepSafe® Bed models increases its overall bed height about 10-12 inches. Even though the safety rail itself does not change in size, the overall height of safety rail protection changes with each bed model. For complete SleepSafe® Bed measurements please visit our specification page.

Another difference is the transfer height — the distance from the floor to the top edge of the bed’s wooden side panel below the safety rail.

• SleepSafe® – BASIC BED has a Transfer Height of 21¼” with the safety rail on the bed and 20¾” with the safety rail removed.

• SleepSafe® – LOW BED has a Transfer Height of 22¼” with the safety rail on the bed and 20¾” with the safety rail removed.

• SleepSafe® II – MEDIUM BED has a Transfer Height of 32″ with the safety rail on the bed and 30½” with the safety rail removed.

• SleepSafer® – TALL BED has a Transfer Height of 26″ with the safety rail on the bed and 24½” with the safety rail removed.

Can I put different casters on a SleepSafe® HiLo Bed that has towers?

The casters that are provided with the SleepSafe® HiLo bed should not be replaced with different casters as they would interfere with the HiLo operation on SleepSafe® Bed models that use towers.

Is a battery backup system available for beds that use electricity, in case of a power failure?

Yes. Battery backup systems (UPS) are available from retailers such as Staples or Office Depot.

We recommend that you purchase a UPS battery back up unit such as APC’s ES 750. This unit will give enough power to operate the bed for a limited time. This unit has 6 battery powered outlets to provide power for other devices as well.

What kind of electric outlet is necessary for SleepSafe® Beds that use electricity?

A standard, grounded (3 prong) 110 volt electric outlet is all that is needed for our electrically powered foundations. No special or additional electricity or accommodations are necessary.  We recommend that you use an equipment power surge protector, like you would for your computer or other expensive electronic components, to protect your SleepSafe® Bed from a power surge.

Will a standard lift fit under a SleepSafe Bed® Bed?

Yes. Our most recent SleepSafe® Bed models have the following clearance beneath the bed’s side panel and the floor to accommodate most standard lifts.

There is a 8 inch clearance under the SleepSafe® Bed – (Low Bed) to accommodate most standard lifts.

There is a 8 inch clearance under the SleepSafe® II Bed – (Medium Bed) to accommodate most standard lifts.

There is a 7.75 inch clearance under the SleepSafer® Bed – (Tall Bed) to accommodate most standard lifts.

Various clearance heights have been in effect over the years, if your bed is over 3 years old, please call us toll free: 866-852-2337 to check your models clearance height.

Are SleepSafe® Beds available with manual cranks?

Yes. SleepSafe® Beds has four choices with easy to operate hand cranks. The manual crank systems are located on the side of the bed, under the safety rail, making it easier and more convenient for room placement and operator use.

1) Manual Hi-Lo Combo
This will raise and lower the mattress height AND raise and/or lower
the head and knee section of the bed by using the three cranks.
2) Manual Articulation
This will raise and lower the head and/or knee section of the bed by
using two cranks located in the front panel of the bed.
3) Manual Hi-Lo
This will raise and lower the mattress height by using one crank
located in the center of the front panel of the bed.
4) Manual Electric Combo
This will raise and lower the head and/or knee section of the bed
electrically with remote. Will raise and lower mattress with a crank manually.

Can I get a SleepSafe® Bed in other lengths or widths?

All standard size SleepSafe® Beds are 77 inches long. However, we can manufacture custom lengths up to 84″, or as short as 60″, for an additional charge. Custom widths, particularly narrower than the standard twin size frame, are also available.

Please contact us toll-free at 866-852-2337 for further details about custom bed lengths and widths.

How do I get replacement parts or what should I do if I have a repair problem?

Please call your local dealer that helped you purchase the bed. They should be able to help with any problem you may have. If for whatever reason your original dealer cannot help you, please contact us directly so we may assist you at 866-852-2337.

When you call, please try to have your original Sales Order number. If you cannot find that number, you can use the bed’s serial number. This number can be found on the outside of the headboard, centered at the bottom on a small clear sticker. It will be a 4 or 5 digit number.

Serial numbers can be found on any bed manufactured after 2009. Beds before that time did not have serial numbers and can be traced using the original Sales Order Confirmation that your dealer should have.

How do I find the serial number for my SleepSafe® Bed?

The serial number can be found on the outside of the headboard, centered at the bottom on a small clear sticker. It will be a 4 or 5 digit number. Serial numbers can be found on any bed manufactured after 2009. Beds before 2009 did not have serial numbers but can be traced using the original Sales Order Confirmation that your dealer should have.

Prior to 2009 only beds with electric foundations had serial numbers for the electric frame.

  • The serial number can be found on an older Articulated (Plus) foundation under the head section of the metal electric frame. It starts with the letter W.
  • The serial number can be found on an older Hi-Lo foundation on a metal plate stamped on the metal frame around the knee section.

As of February 14, 2018 the serial number of the bed, the frame number and the Sales Order Confirmation number will all be the same. You can locate the serial number and the frame number as before in the same locations.

Are SleepSafe® Beds for children only?

No. All SleepSafe® Beds are standard adult sized beds available in twin, full and queen sizes and will accommodate an adult up to 350 pounds.

What is the weight capacity of a SleepSafe® Bed?

The mattress supplied with your SleepSafe® Bed supports up to 350 pounds. The foundation can support more, however, weight support is usually limited to mattress specifications.

How do I clean my SleepSafe® Bed?

All surfaces of a SleepSafe® Bed can be cleaned with water and mild detergent using a soft cloth. Please avoid any abrasives and solvents.

Do you manufacture any other types of beds?

Yes. We manufacture a brand called Assured Comfort® Hi-Low Adjustable Beds. Three models are available offering various features depending on the requirements of the individual using the bed.

For more information call us at 866.852.2337 or please visit us at www.assuredcomfortbed.com

What is the difference between an Articulated and Hi-Lo foundation?

The Articulated foundation, referred to as a PLUS model, allows the user to only raise or lower the head and knee section of the bed, electrically by a wired remote control or manually with a crank on our manual SleepSafe® Bed models. Note: Past bed models may have used a wireless remote to control articulation.

The Hi-Lo foundation on our fully electric model allows the user to raise and lower the head and knee section of the bed and control the overall height of the mattress from the floor, electrically by a wired remote control. The same features can be controlled manually with a crank with our Manual Hi-Lo Combo model.

Can I get a Hi-Lo foundation to adjust the mattress height without the head and knee adjustability?

Yes, but only with one of our manual foundation configurations. The electric Hi-Lo function is not available without the head and knee articulation.

What is the difference between a box spring and a bunkie board in a fixed foundation?

Each SleepSafe® Bed needs some type of foundation for the mattress to rest upon. With the Articulated and Hi Lo foundations, the mattress rests directly on the electric frame. With the Fixed foundation, you have a choice between a box spring or bunkie board for your mattress to lie upon. The only difference is that a bunkie board is 2 inches high and a box spring is 8 inches high.

When the goal is to maximize safety rail height above the mattress you will choose a bunkie board so that the mattress surface can be positioned 6 inches lower within the bed’s foundation. When the goal is to raise the mattress surface as far from the floor as possible, then you should choose a box spring so that the mattress will be positioned 6 inches higher. There is no price or comfort difference, only a height difference.

How should I move a SleepSafe® HiLo bed that has towers that touch the floor ?

Before moving the SleepSafe® HiLo bed, it needs to be lowered all the way so that the towers are not touching the floor. If the towers are touching the floor and the bed is moved, you could damage the towers.

Can SleepSafe® Beds accommodate an IV pole and medical tubing?

If ordered, our IV POLE kit can be installed anywhere on the foot board or headboard. It is a 30 inch aluminum pole with 4 ram hooks.

If ordered, a 2″ by 18″ vertical slot can be installed in the headboard to access MEDICAL TUBING.

Do SleepSafe® Beds offer a “flush transfer”?

All SleepSafe® Bed models without the Hi-Lo feature have multiple settings to choose when installing the bed. These settings allow different rail height protection for the beds. One of these settings allows the mattress to be just above the side panel when the safety rail is down, allowing easier transfers from the bed.

However there is one exception. Beds with a fixed foundation, using bunkie boards, cannot be setup for a “flush transfer”, as this configuration is set up for maximum safety rail protection. The bed user will need to be lifted over the side panel to transfer.

SleepSafe® Beds with Hi-Lo capability allow the height of the mattress to be adjusted, including a “flush transfer” position.

Can I add extra windows to the head and/or foot of ANY SleepSafe bed?

Extra windows can be added to all beds except the SleepSafe® – Low Bed with padding installed.