What type of wood do you use when building a SleepSafe® Bed?

SleepSafe® Beds use premium veneer core hardwood plywood produced domestically on PureBond® formaldehyde-free veneer core platforms and carefully monitored for a controlled thickness range.

SleepSafe® Bed’s all wood hardwood plywood panels offer clear advantages over solid wood panel applications. These panels offer great stability and durability, reducing the chance of splitting or warping which are inherent with solid wood applications.

The 4 bed posts on a SleepSafe® Bed are composed of solid wood and are designed to match the your finish choice. For example, we use solid oak posts to complement an oak finish.

PLEASE NOTE: When solid color or multi-color beds are ordered, the bed posts will be solid maple and will not match the colors of the bed panels.

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